New beginnings, a fresh start, a season for change — yes, it’s that time once again as we close the final chapter of 2023 and prepare to begin anew in 2024. It’s the dawning of a new age, ripe with the magic of endless possibilities as we venture forth into the upcoming year.

So the question is, what will you do in the next 12 months? Start your own business? Learn a new craft? Finally try a new food for the first time? Take a leap of faith into something death-defying? Perhaps even conquer the world?

Okay, okay, so maybe that last one is a little too ambitious, and even if the saying is “go big or go home,” realistically, who’s got the time, money, or energy to leave home? And besides, with a home like Spokane, plenty of adventures and new experiences are waiting around every corner! So, without further ado, here are 24 things you should do in Spokane in 2024!

Spokane Happy Hour
Some cool $4 premium well cocktails can be found at Sapphire Lounge during their happy hour times. Photo courtesy: Sapphire Lounge

1- Enjoy Happy Hour at Spokane’s Many Nightlife Establishments

Whether it’s downtown, in Kendall Yards, the Garland District, or anywhere in between, Spokane is filled with fantastic watering holes, and what’s more, the city has some of the best happy hour hotspots around. These establishments are perfect for unwinding in the new year whenever it’s time for a much-needed night out on the town.

2 – Meet your 2024 Fitness Goals with the Help of Local Fitness Centers in Spokane

It’s at the top of our resolutions every year, and sure, it can be the hardest one to follow through, but with the help of some of Spokane’s more unique local fitness centers, those 2024 weight goals just might be attainable. Wild Walls Climbing Gym, for instance, allows you to reach new heights in your fitness journey as you test your limits on their premium indoor climbing gym. Ladies who feel brazen and are ready to enjoy some frisky, fun workouts can likewise head over to Twirl it Fitness to learn the elegant art of pole dancing while getting fit.

3 – Mark Your Calendar for Spokane’s 2024 Hoopfest

With over 60,000 teams and 425 courts spanning 45 of Spokane’s city blocks, it’s a little hard not to miss one of the city’s biggest tourist events, Hoopfest! The competition will be back in full force this year, and we’re sure each team will bring their A-game. Will yours be the winner? Or will you leave the crowd of fans for the thrill of the court this year and join in on the fun?

Feast World Kitchen Spokane
Special guest Chef Yalda loves to whip up the best of Afghanistan’s dishes in the house when he’s at Feast World Kitchen. Photo courtesy: Feast World Kitchen

4 – Take a Bite of the World at Feast World Kitchen in Spokane

Though physically traveling the world might not be in the cards for everyone in 2024, that doesn’t mean that your taste buds have to stay in one place! All year, Feast World Kitchen will offer the opportunity to try different foods from all across the land with their rotating menu that features a different chef every day during operating hours. These featured artisans are former refugees and immigrant chef-entrepreneurs who have traveled to the Lilac City to share a taste of their homeland with us in a one-of-a-kind experience that’ll expand your taste buds into the new year.

5 – Explore and Enjoy all the Spokane River Has to Offer

Flowing steady through the heart of Spokane is a mesmerizing waterway unlike any other that dazzles residents and visitors alike with its crystal-clear waters throughout the ages, and 2024 will surely be no different. Whether you enjoy water sports, fishing, or simply going with the flow, no year is complete without having some fun on the waters of the Spokane River!

6 – Score a Hole in One in the New Year while Golfing in Spokane

With the new year comes new opportunities to improve your swing before hitting the green, and any avid golfer will tell you Spokane is the perfect place to do just that. With countless golf courses across the city and beyond, the region is ideal for those looking to tee off in the new year.

7 – Save Some Money in the New Year with Free, Fun Activities in Spokane

Fingers crossed for the economy as we head into 2024, but it’s probably safe to say that we’ll never see pre-2020 prices on some items ever again. Luckily for those looking to make every penny count in the new year, there are plenty of fun, free activities throughout Spokane to enjoy. On days when you don’t feel like opening your wallet but still feel like getting out of the house in 2024, don’t be afraid to head over to places like Riverfront Park, the John A Finch Arboretum, or even the local library. And, of course, all articles at SpokaneTalk are free to the public, too, so don’t forget to like and subscribe for more free, fun info about the Spokane community in 2024!

Free Fun in Spokane
The Spokane Public Library invites you to Use your imagination to sail away at Central Library’s River Rumpus playspace, free to boys and girls of all ages! Photo courtesy: Spokane Public Library

8 – Expand your Horizons in 2024 with the Help of the Spokane Public Library

Speaking of your local library, the Spokane Country Library has always been and continues to be a magical place full of fantastic resources for the community. Whether you’re looking to learn a new craft, connect with others, check out books and other items from their library of things, or even earn your diploma online, the library is here to help now and forever.

9 – Enjoy the Beauty of the Arts at Spokane Art Galleries

When inspiration and imagination are lacking in 2024, consider checking out one of Spokane’s infinite art galleries. They’re sure to get those creative juices flowing while pursuing the varied artwork on display in a variety of styles and mediums. In addition, many of them showcase local artists in the area, so you might find your new favorite, possibly unheard of artist!

10 – Ignite Young Minds With a Trip to Mobius Discovery Center

For the kiddos, Mobius Discovery Center is a must-visit for 2024! Since its inception, this fun center has sparked curiosity and ignited the imagination of all ages through exploration and play, hands-on exhibits, and STEAM learning experiences. The center looks forward to molding more young minds for years to come.

11 – Take a Walk through Spokane History

One of the many great things about living in Spokane is its rich and immersive history, much of which is still reflected in the city’s architecture and breathtaking landscape. As a result, Spokane’s prestigious Heritage Walks have become immensely popular among visitors and locals alike and are a great way to explore the city.

Spokane waterfront restaurants
Steak and wine with a perfect view? Sign me up for a reservation at Clinkerdagger! Photo courtesy: Clinkerdagger

12 – Enjoy Eating Out Along Spokane’s Waterfront

Not much else compares to fine dining in Spokane, but fine dining with a view of the waterfront is quite spectacular and simply a must for anyone who hasn’t experienced the pleasure of such a delicious treat before.

13 – Experience the Growth of Community With Fresh Produce from Spokane’s Farmers Markets

When it’s time for some good times and sunshine, Spokane Farmers Markets is the place to be. Now we know what you’re thinking; it’s just a place to get vegetables and fruit, right? Wrong! Besides the fresh-off-the-farm produce, Spokane Farmers Markets are also home to live entertainment, crafts and other goods from local artisans, food trucks, and so much more!

14 – Take a Sip at Spokane’s Finest Wineries

Oenophiles who love wine but haven’t ventured further than the selection of their neighborhood grocer should put this one on the 2024 bucket list. Several distinguished wineries call the Lilac City home, with some even offering the unique experience of a guided wine tour. Though they may not be the vineyards of Italy, each glass poured is a local labor of love that’s the perfect blend of nature and urban energy that everyone should have a chance to experience.

15 – Spend Plenty of Time Enjoying the Amenities of Riverfront Park in Spokane

During the summer, it’s the perfect place to spend the day viewing the sights and sounds of the Pavilion, Clocktower, and Red Wagon, and during the winter, it’s the perfect spot for Christmas tree lightings, ice skating, and hot cocoa. At the heart of Spokane is, and always will be, is Riverfront Park, and no year living in Spokane is without enjoying all that the quaint little gathering hole has to offer.

Things to do in Spokane
Riding the Numerica SkyRide will take you to new heights as you head toward Spokane Falls with the Spokane Flour Mill in the background. Photo credit: lisa.rose.907

16 – Ride the Numerica SkyRide to Experience the Best Views of Spokane Falls

Speaking of breathtaking beauty all year round downtown, the Numberica SkyRide offers spectacular and accessible upfront views of the Spokane River and Spokane Falls all year long. Though the right itself may only last 15 minutes, the experience is one to last a lifetime!

17 – Get out the Frustrations of the Year at Rage Xscape

Though we all look forward to fresh starts and old acquaintances being forgotten in the new year, that doesn’t mean 2024 won’t come without its challenges. So, if at any time during the new year, you find yourself needing to get out some pent-up aggression, let go of all that frustration at the one-of-a-kind experience known as Rage Xscape! It’s the city’s number one vandalization destination that can only be found here.

18 – Get the Creeps at Petunia & Loomis in Downtown Spokane

For Halloween lovers, it’s widely known that they’re already counting down the months until everyone’s favorite spooky holiday. Still, thankfully, the wait won’t be too excruciating, thanks to one local downtown store, Petunia & Loomis! The eccentric oddities store promises a unique visit to all patrons as they pursue the store’s collection of creepy, haunted, and strange items.

19 – Spend a Day Discovering the Hidden Gems in the Spokane Flour Mill

Equally promising a unique shopping experience that every Spokane native should experience is the Spokane Flour Mill. What began as an industrial-era flour mill, later transformed by the city’s historic 1974 World’s Fair, is now home to such local treasures as Wonders of the World, The Kitchen Engine, and Clinkerdagger Bar.

20 – Catch a Show at the Bing Crosby Theater

Since 1915, the Bing Crosby Theater has been Spokane’s theater for exceptional performances, securing its name in the city’s history books. Fully equipped to handle all types of performing arts events with the added bonus of extraordinary acoustics, this dazzling performing arts center captivates the stage in an experience like no other.

21 – Go Wild at Cat Tales Wildlife Center

Want to put a zoo visit on this year’s to-do list but skip the hustle and bustle of Seattle? Then head on over to Cat Tales Wildlife Center in 2024 to witness firsthand lions, tigers, and bears galore, plus much, much more!

Things to do in Spokane
Even if you have no intention of staying the night, visiting the lobby of the Historic Davenport Hotel should be on everyone’s Spokane bucket list to witness its breathtaking beauty firsthand. Photo courtesy: Stay Davenport

22 – Spoil Yourself With a Staycation at the Historic Davenport Hotel

Luxury meets history at Spokane’s Historic Davenport Hotel. For decades, they’ve welcomed guests from near and far, providing excellent stays with elegant accommodations, legendary service, and lush amenities that make every stay absolutely perfect. So if anytime during 2024 you want to experience the beauty of a staycation here in Spokane, definitely check in to this five-star resort.

23 – Walk, Run, or Bike Along Spokane’s Centennial Trail

Spokane is full of the great outdoors to enjoy all year round, and the 40-mile stretch of paved trail extending from the Nine-Mile Recreation Area in Spokane to Coeur d’Alene, known as the Centennial Trail, is one of the best ways to explore all the region’s great outdoors has to offer. Whether you decide to enjoy the path’s journey by walking, running, or biking, there’s beauty to behold all along the way as you pass through the desert, pine forest, canyons, basalt columns, Spokane’s urban center, and regional cultural heritage sites.

24 – Don’t Forget to Breathe in the New Year

With such an extensive list of to-dos in Spokane in 2024, accomplishing them all could seem a bit overwhelming. This is why this is your friendly reminder that even though it’s a good thing to be ambitious and have many goals you’re looking forward to accomplishing in 2024, don’t forget to take a moment to breathe along the way should the need arise. After all, just as there are many fun and exciting things to do in and around the Spokane community, there are also plenty of tranquil green spaces to relax and unwind in the new year.