The cozy little “hole in the wall” restaurant, the nostalgia of the old-timey diner down the street, the elegance of the upscale restaurant that you had to reserve a spot at months in advance — it’s settings like these with beautiful backdrops that can transform a meal to its next level. In some instances, the experience itself can make it feel like you’re on vacation, especially when sitting on an outdoor patio with gentle water in the background. After all, a delectable meal with a breathtaking view as the sun sets on the glistening water is often the best backdrop a person can have during a dining experience. For members and visitors of the Spokane community, there are plenty of restaurants along the Spokane River where they can enjoy a meal with a waterfront backdrop to take their meal from great to spectacular.

Spokane waterfront restaurants
A meal at Anthony’s comes with a complimentary view of the beautiful Spokane River. Photo courtesy: Anthony’s at Spokane Falls

Anthony’s at Spokane Falls

510 N. Lincoln St.,


What started as a steak and lobster restaurant in nearby Bellevue has grown to become a family of restaurants as unique as the communities they serve scattered throughout the Pacific Northwest. One has found its way waterside here in our Spokane community. Anthony’s at Spokane Falls has been serving our area specialty seafood and produce fresh from the Northwest in support of our local farmers, ranchers, and fishermen. Located in the heart of our downtown Spokane, at Anthony’s, the view of the cascading river gushing over Spokane Falls provides a beautiful backdrop for a quiet evening enjoying either lunch or dinner by the water.

Spokane waterfront restaurants
Steak and wine with a perfect view? Sign me up for a reservation at Clinkerdagger! Photo courtesy: Clinkerdagger


621 W. Mallon Ave.,


The beloved historic landmark The Flour Mill has been home to many businesses and restaurants over the years, but none have shared the space longer than local restaurant favorite Clinkerdagger. For over 40 years, they have continued their tradition of serving delicious food next to a majestic view of the Spokane River and city skyline. It’s the perfect place for a special business or a romantic occasion, but it doesn’t have to be a celebration for locals to stop in for a getaway lunch or dinner. Plus, their classic American grill serves up some of the best steaks and seafood in town!

Spokane waterfront restaurants
Molé Restaurant provides a more elevated view of our beautiful Spokane River for those looking to watch it flow from above. Photo courtesy: Molé Restaurant

Molé Restaurant

1335 W. Summit Pkwy.


For a more elevated view of the mighty Spokane River and its rushing waters, residents can stop on by Molé Restaurant in our Kendall Yards District. Patrons here can expect to enjoy distinctive dishes with an essence of authentic Oaxacan culture as it is the core of every detail in every meal. Co-owner and head chef Fredy Martinez moved from Oaxaca to the United States, bringing a taste of his hometown’s rich culinary heritage with him. Thanks to Fredy, customers can experience the very best of Mexico by our Spokane River at Molé!

Spokane waterfront restaurants
The calming waters next to Osprey Restaurant & Bar provide a peaceful backdrop for a delightful meal. Photo courtesy: Osprey Restaurant

Osprey Restaurant & Bar

700 N. Division St.


If you explore the sophisticated campus of Gonzaga University and find yourself hungry for food and a view just as enjoyable, consider stopping in at Osprey Restaurant & Bar. Here, patrons can enjoy new American cuisine paired with regional wines featuring a delicious blend of both traditional and bold flavors. Stop in and enjoy one of their signature craft cocktails on their heated outdoor patio that offers a pristine view of the beautiful Spokane River!

Spokane waterfront restaurants
You don’t have to be a hotel guest to enjoy the relaxing waters and good food at The Centennial Restaurant. Photo courtesy: The Centennial Hotel Spokane

The Centennial Restaurant

303 W. North River Dr.


Located just steps away from the crystal clear waters of the Spokane River and the Centennial Trail is The Centennial Restaurant within The Centennial Hotel. Here, patrons can expect to discover Pacific Northwest-inspired entrees, desserts, salads, and specialty drinks. Whether you’re staying at the hotel itself, casually strolling along the trail, or simply on the hunt to dine somewhere with a beautiful view, The Centennial Restaurant is the perfect place to settle into to enjoy the riverside ambiance. 

So, the next time you feel like enjoying not just a great meal but a spectacular meal with a view, consider paying a visit to any of these local waterfront restaurants hosting a fantastic view of the impressive Spokane River.