The groundhog may have recently decided that we needed six more weeks of winter, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop daydreaming about spring. In fact, here in Washington, this is still the perfect time to start preparing for those upcoming spring gardens because it’ll be planting time before we know it. To help you get ready for spring, there are plenty of fantastic plant shops in Spokane that will have all you need for the upcoming season, plus houseplants to brighten up your home before you can get out in the garden.  

Spokane plant shops
These are the two terrariums to choose from at Fern Plant Shop if you choose to take the workshop. Photo courtesy: Fern Plant Shop

Fern Plant Shop

309 W. 2nd Ave., Spokane


Serving our Spokane community in not one, not two, but a total of three locations is the ever-popular Fern Plant Shop. Husband and wife duo Amy and Alex decided they loved plants so much that they wanted to create the Inland Northwest’s finest plant shops. Their goal was to establish a magical forest to enchant all who walked through their store doors, and that’s just what they’ve managed to do.

Find incredibly knowledgeable and friendly staff at all three locations. Each plant shop also offers a variety of workshops for plant lovers, including a terrarium workshop with two sizes to choose from!

Spokane plant shops
Ritters Garden and Gifts offers virtual shoppers on the online website. Even if you don’t know the plant’s name, if you describe it the best you can, they’ll try to find it! Photo courtesy: Ritters Garden and Gift

Ritters Garden and Gift

10120 N. Division St., Spokane


Also serving the Spokane community a wide variety of plants and foliage is our very own Ritters Garden and Gift. This shop’s roots are very deep in the area as they started out as a floral shop 80 years ago by the Ritter family. Today the shop is still family-owned and operated, but the Wyman family now runs it after purchasing it from the Ritters in 2008.

Out back, there is a large nursery with a wide selection of perennials, trees, and shrubs for those looking for some outdoor greenage. Inside there are not only houseplants, bonsai trees, and pots to choose from, but they also carry statues and fountains, unique local gifts, a candy emporium, and a selection of local and regional wine. It sounds like the perfect place to go on a date night!

Spokane plant shops
A glimpse inside the beautiful Chop Shop Plants and Oddities on Monroe. Photo courtesy: The Chop Shop Plants and Oddities

The Chop Shop Plants and Oddities

2808 N. Monroe St., Spokane


A shop that’s a little newer to the plant game as they only opened in the last year is The Chop Shop Plants and Oddities. This little pop-up shop on Monroe is full of plants for every stage of plant parent, from beginner plants that a novice can’t possibly kill to uncommon imports for those with a well-established green thumb who want to take on a challenge.

They also sell various oddities to go with the plants, such as artwork from local artists, vintage, homemade plant accessories, and more. A favorite room of the store by patrons is the grow room where they can get a glimpse of what the owners are always “chopping and propping,” and it’s ever-changing as they get in more and more unique imports.

Spokane plant shops
The Plant Farm frequently holds plant-related classes, such as this wreath-making class back in December. Photo courtesy: The Plant Farm

The Plant Farm

14208 E. 4th Ave., Spokane Valley


Carrying out their mission to grow quality plants at an affordable price is The Plant Farm in the Valley. They have everything from house plants to bedding plants that are all grown locally, as well as a large selection of plant-related booths with plenty of awesome, locally made gift ideas.

The Plant Farm also offers workshops like many other local shops, and they even have their own version of a subscription box that plant lovers can sign up for. Recipients will receive a surprise four-inch plant every other month with care instructions when someone signs up. The fun is definitely in the mystery.

Spokane plant shops
Goats at the Smart Gardens Nursery overlooking part of the garden in the background. Photo courtesy: Smart Gardens Nursery

Smart Gardens Nursery

7015 N. Argonne Rd, Spokane


The staff isn’t the only ones who will be greeting the customers of Smart Gardens Nursery. There are also plenty of goats on the premises to welcome those on the hunt for houseplants. Walking through their doors is an experience seeing as how they are Spokane’s most unique nursery.

Besides shopping through the giant garden on the premises, complete with a vintage truck waterfall, they also have their very own coffee shop in-house, along with a playpen for some friendly goats who call the nursery home. It’s a beautiful oasis, perfect for any plant lover who wants to stroll in a garden while shopping for plants.

While we’re all dreaming of spring, these local plant shops, among others, are silently buzzing in anticipation even more than the rest of us. It’s the most wonderful time of year for them, and they’re already so eager to greet us that they’re not even waiting the six weeks the groundhog called for. So, stop on in at some of these Spokane area plant shops and greet the season early with them!