From the outside, it may look like any ordinary night at Spokane Valley’s Players & Spectators Event Center, but the palpable roar of the crowd coming from inside the building indicates this isn’t any typical night of bowling, arcade fun, and gambling. This is THE NIGHT for the fans who were only moments before eagerly awaiting entry into the center’s star-studded event for the night, Relentless Wrestling’s very own Supershow in Spokane!

Relentless Wrestling Spokane
Wrestling superstar Keita doesn’t hold back as he flies toward Chase James and into the crowd. Feats like this and crowd work are a favorite of the performers who don’t mind going into the crowd to get the job done. Photo credit: Soona Price

Relentless Wrestling Brings Indie Wrestling Directly to the Pacific Northwest

Three or more years ago, if you had asked any Spokane local where to catch an excellent indie wrestling show in the area, you might have seemingly been mocked out of the building as they pointed you toward Defying Wrestling in Seattle or Oregon’s traveling Prestige Wrestling that seldom leave their own state. If you were a fan, you would be stuck waiting a long time for WWE to return to the Spokane Arena, and it wouldn’t even be for a televised show like RAW or SMACKDOWN. Though AEW is still fresh in the making, they have yet to appear in the Lilac City.   

This information didn’t sit well with the show’s now local “Hometown Hero,” Chase James, who recently turned heel after he moved back to his Spokane home in 2015 and started his pro wrestling journey seven years ago.

“It was a frustration that would lead to a lot of ‘what if” conversations with my friend here about what would happen if we had our own promotion,” said James.

That friend James is referring to is one of James’ very best friends known in-ring as the 7-foot tall behemoth Jackson Price, who shares the title of co-founder and co-owner with James, along with Andy Yank, the owner of Brothers Flooring and Design.

“As you can see, those ‘what ifs’ led to what you see before you today,” joked Price, gesturing toward a ring that was all set up and ready for the night’s show in the event room of Players & Spectators. Soon, the empty seats will be filled, just two years after Relentless Wrestling debuted in Spokane in June of 2021 with their show at Trailbreaker Cider. The show would be the city’s first proper indie wrestling show and exceed both men’s expectations in more ways than one, as it would become the first of “professional wrestling anything” here in Spokane.

Relentless Wrestling Spokane
Alan Angels and Jorel Nelson lock up in the ring, only one will walk away victorious. Photo credit: Soona Price

Relentless Wrestling Creates a Family Within the Spokane Community

Perfectionists at heart, James and Price knew they wanted to put on a show that their families could be proud of and enjoy. Neither of them was satisfied with anything Spokane had previously tried to produce regarding indie wrestling. So far, it had been just a few pop-ups from would-be promotions from time to time, but these shows were often amateurish and resembled that of untrained backyard wrestling.

This would not do for James, who insists on doing whatever it takes to be the best, something he likes to now frequently remind the crowd of in their attempts to boo him off stage these days. And though he and Price may be on opposite ends of the ring when the bell dings, they could agree on wanting Relentless Wrestling to be the best.

So they put on their first show, with both James and Price inviting wrestlers from all walks of life that they had met along the way while being in the business, men that they already considered family, each one bringing a passion just as strong as theirs that would prove relentless. And so was the energy of the show’s very first crowd.

“We only expected like 70 people, and we got double that plus a hundred more,” shared an astonished James, who was surprised at how quickly things took off.

Initially, Relentless Wrestling planned to have a show maybe every three to four months, but when the crowd at the second show was just as large as the first, they quickly realized that there was something much bigger at work here.

“We always knew that there was more Spokane had to offer,” said James, “The response has been incredible.”

“It was clear we were filling a void here in the community,” added Price, “and then it quickly grew into a family.”  

A family that was evident within the crowd as the curtain was drawn, and people were finally able to start piling in an hour before the show was scheduled to start. Big smiles and warm welcomes quickly surrounded the arena, extending to familiar faces and newcomers. For said newcomers, the show’s regulars were more than happy to show them the ropes, as evidenced by event-goers Phillip and Quinten.

“I’ve been coming since the fourth show,” shared Phillip, revealing that for him, the shows have become a sort of therapy as well as a family. He and his friend, who’s been joining him for the events since last September, even carpool to the events from Pullman.

“Definitely worth the trip. It’s so much fun,” added Quinten.

While both Phillip and Quinten would agree on just how fantastic the show itself is, when it comes to their in-ring favorites, they’d have to agree to disagree. (Although both would agree that Chase James was doing a fantastic job in leading the promotion and that he’s doing great work, even if they were to boo him later as he came out on stage.)

However, this type of disagreement is all in fun and games and is simply part of the show, coming to life when the bell finally rings. It would be then that people would take sides, a string of curses would occasionally erupt from crowd members, and even children would give the most dastardly of opponents scowls from ringside, but for now, everyone is family, and we’re all here for the same reason — to enjoy some real professional wrestling in Spokane.

Relentless Wrestling Spokane
Though Royce Isaacs and “Speedball” Mike Bailey may have just gone toe to toe moments before, after all is said and done, they’re still one big family with a passion for wrestling, no matter the wins or losses. Photo credit: Soona Price

All Are Welcome at Relentless Wrestling

A diverse crowd magically transforms into this open and welcoming community as they gather in their seats around the ring. For some, it may be their first time seeing a live indie professional wrestling promotion. For others, it might be their fifth, tenth, or more time of attendance. Some may never watch professional wrestling except when they come to see the live shows, and some may be hardcore fans of every wrestling promotion out there who love seeing any show live and up close. And just as diverse is the crowd, so are the wrestlers that make up Relentless Wrestling.

“It’s like we offer every flavor of ice cream,” shared James of his eclectic crew of athletes.

It is widely known within the wrestling community that in the past, highly talented wrestlers who weren’t deemed fit for more prominent, live television promotions because they were either too small, had quirky gimmicks that they thought wouldn’t “sell,” or were believed to be not capable of cutting a proper promo often found themselves with a simple life of traveling from town to town and putting on top-tier matches where they could. Wrestlers like this and other fantastic talent from other well-known promotions have made Relentless Wrestling their home.

“We started off with guys that we knew, just from traveling around and doing shows with other promotions, and they came to perform in the first show and the next thing ya know, those guys are telling their friends who are also pro wrestlers for other promotions like ‘hey, I just did this show and it was so much fun and you should come next time and check it out’ and it just expanded from there,” explained James.

“Now we have wrestlers from big promotions like WWE, AEW, TNA, and IMPACT that are coming to participate in matches, and some of these guys are even reaching out to us now and asking to come and be part of the show,” Price explained.

So from far and wide do they come. With any given show, the crowd is bound to witness anywhere from 16 to 20 superstars depending on the line-up, with only two of the show’s regulars being from Spokane.

The rest either hop on a plane or drive to the Lilac City for a night of live, professional wrestling entertainment, much to the crowd’s delight. High flyers, unique characters, heels and heroes all take to the stage to square off and prove who’s the biggest and baddest of them all. And unlike other typical wrestling promotions, the female athletes will even square off against the males in one-on-one matches.

“They give the guys a run for their money,” joked James.

It’s a refreshing inclusivity at Relentless Wrestling that you otherwise may overlook. The promotion frequently books queer and non-binary wrestlers, but none of these athletes are forced into a character to reflect this part of their persona as a selling point for an act. This is because all of the show’s professional wrestlers are booked solely based on their talents, and they’re then given the freedom to create any character they like, whether it be a good guy or a bad guy.

With the cheers and boos from ringside, it is clear who’s taken on such roles, but after the show, these athletes are just one big happy family, and there are no hard feelings about who pinned who.  

“We’re a family backstage,” said Price. “That transcends into the crowd, too. After a show, fans will stick around, and even the guys they were booing super hard, they’ll go up to them and congratulate them on their performances and ask for autographs. It is really just a wholesome experience for everyone.”

Relentless Wrestling Spokane
At Relentless Wrestling, strong, independent females like Allie Katch aren’t afraid to go toe to toe with pros like Vinnie Massaro. Vinnie also participates in seminars at Relentless Athletics to share his wisdom with young athletes. Photo credit: Soona Price

Relentless Wrestling Goes Beyond the Ring With Spokane’s Only Professional Wrestling School

It’s safe to say Spokane’s crowd has welcomed everyone in Relentless Wrestling with open arms, so much so that Chase and Jackson quickly found themselves being approached by community members with the same dream of being a professional wrestler.

“People started coming up to us after the show and asking about training, and Relentless Athletics was born from there,” said James.

In the past, both men had expressed frustration at Spokane’s lack of a legitimate professional wrestling school, but going into this endeavor, they never expected the overwhelming response they got from fans who expressed the same displeasure. Of course, finding the right professional wrestling school was already enough of a challenge without this obstacle, as many of them out there are more than eager to take a young, starry-eyed pupil’s money before ever giving them a chance to step into the ring. It’s this key difference that sets Relentless Athletics, as well as Relentless Wresting, apart from other wrestling promotions. For them, it’s never been about the money; it’s simply a genuine passion for wrestling — a sentiment reflected in both ticket prices for the show and for sessions at Relentless Athletics.

“If you’re willing to put in the work, then you’re welcome at Relentless Athletics. It doesn’t matter who you are,” said James, who serves as head coach for what is now Spokane’s only professional wrestling school and one of the premiere wrestling schools in the entire Pacific Northwest.

Students of Relentless Athletics won’t just be getting a workout, either. In addition to perfecting their moves through rigorous practice, the school regularly hosts seminars that an outside instructor leads in the form of some of the sport’s greatest characters. These seminars allow students to learn from a pro who covers character work, storytelling, professionalism, etiquette, promo fundamentals, and building a gimmick. For just $30, it’s an excellent opportunity for them to invest in themselves and learn from one of the best in the business.

Relentless Wrestling Spokane
Fan favorite WARHORSE gets suplexed by the very large and intimidating Kal-Jak. Photo credit: Soona Price

Relentless Wrestling Brought Professional Wrestling Home to Spokane

“There’s just so much that’s happening, and what we’re doing here really is just so magical,” gushed James.

It’s safe to say that Relentless Wrestling has proven worthy of its namesake and is indeed “Relentless,” something both James and Price credit to the promotion’s success within its short two years. Both the passionate wrestlers and fans have helped make it all possible, transforming an idea beyond a simple wrestling show to a social gathering full of friends, family and good times.

“Here, it’s not just a business or about the money,” said James. “It’s about coming out, escaping from your everyday life, leaving your troubles at the door, and spending a night out in a welcoming environment where you just have fun supporting your favorite local wrestlers.”

There’s no shortage of what the show does indeed mean to the fans as they were more than happy to share what they loved about Relentless Wrestling both before and after the show, with common themes of a sense of community, a feeling of hope, and a love of not just the sport, but those who represented it as well.

“It’s not just a community. We’ve made a family here,” said Price.

It is a family that has secured its spot as Spokane’s only professional wrestling promotion that seems to be growing increasingly with each show. The shows consistently sell out these days, with about 300 tickets quickly being grabbed as soon as they become available. Another 50 is usually reserved to be sold the day of at the venue’s location. Fans should remember that some shows are standing-room only, so it’s best to grab them as soon as they become available if they want a seat for the show.

Up-to-date information on Relentless Wrestling, including where to buy tickets, is found on the promotions Facebook and Instagram pages and on X. In addition to ticket sales, you can also catch killer promos, match line-ups, and information regarding Relentless Athletics on these platforms.

Whether it’s your first or your hundredth time attending a professional wrestling event, Relentless Wrestling looks forward to seeing everyone at their next home show with Spokane’s only professional wrestling promotion!